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A particularly foggy morning as the smoke from the Sparrows Point mills mingles with the fog.

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Mohawk William Sotienton Bordeau, 92: "We joined up with Local #16 (in 1955)," Bordeau said. "The foreman, Lou Wachter, sent us to the Clinton Street [pier], where we built one of the spans for the second Bay Bridge. They called us 'yard birds' because we worked in the yard to put the span together before they floated down the river." Bill died shortly following this portrait he and his fellow Mohawks worked the high steel that built the Bay Bridge and most East Coast skyscrapers. He made the bonnet he wears in the photo.

Media News
The Fall of Steel in the Washington Post
j. m. giordano
Mar 15, 2020
The Washington Post has featured my almost two decade long series documenting the collapse of the steel industry around the world. The show Shuttered; The Fall of Beth Steel is phase one and is now on view at the Museum of Industry in Baltimore.

Perspective | These stark, black-and-white photos show the impact of a dead steel industry in Baltimore
Photographer J.M. Giordano documents the decline of an industry in his hometown.

J. M. Giordano Photography

J.M. Giordano is a Baltimore based photojournalist whose work has appeared in GQ, The Guardian, The Observer New Review on Sunday, Washington Post, i-D Magazine, Discovery Channel Inc, Rolling Stone online, XLR8R Magazine, the City Paper, and the Baltimore Sun.
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